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As part of their academic program, the students of ASTEK are required to complete a credited, paid internship of a period of nine (9) months in total, splitted in the first three years of their studies, from July, 1st to September, 30th each year.
With the School’s assistance and responsibility, students find internships in selected 4 and 5 star hotels, and after a recent amendment of the regulation, in other tourism enterprises in Greece, as well. Students can also do their internship in another country within the European Union. All internships are supervised by the School and the Ministry of Tourism.
During their internship, students are payed with a wage equivalent to 60 percent of the minimum wage (397,80 euros in year 2022). Additionally, hotels have to offer accommodation to the interns, otherwise they have to reimburse them with an extra 20 percent of the minimum wage (currently 132,60€).
The internship aims to offer the students the opportunity to take initiative and assume responsibilities. Therefore, the Managers of the Hotels and the directors of the Departments should monitor the interns diligently. The Hotels should not only utilize the interns to meet the needs, but also supervise their proper education. Moreover, interns should not engage in activities unrelated to the scope of their studies.

Hotel internship program for the students of the Higher Schools of Tourism Education of Crete (ASTEK)

1st YEAR


  • Ancillary tasks at the Food-related Departments (Restaurant – Bar – Tavern) for 60 days.
  • At the Kitchen departments, for 30 days.

Food-related Departments

  1. As a waiter/tress or assistant, Tableau – Hostess

  2. As assistant interns

2nd YEAR


  1. Key and ancillary tasks for 30 days at the Reception-Concierge Department, as specified.
  2. Key tasks for 30 days at the Food-related Departments, as specified.
  3. Key tasks for 30 days at the HOUSEKEEPING Departments, as specified.
  4. Those who do not wish to undertake the aforementioned tasks shall remain at the Reception-Concierge Department for 30 additional days.

Reception - Concierge

Assignment of tasks and duties that take place at the Reception.

Food-related Departments

Assignment of increased activities and duties to the various food-related departments, always according to the ability of the students.

Floors - Laundry Room - Linen Room

Ως βοηθοί προϊσταμένης στους ορόφους – πλυντήριο – λινοθήκη.

3rd YEAR


  1. Key tasks at every Reception Department (FRONT & BACK OFFICE), for 60 days.
  2. Key and ancillary tasks at the Departments of Accounting-Management, Control, Warehouse, FOOD & BEVERAGE, for 30 days.


In case the Hotel offers other activities as well, e.g. a Conference Hall etc., students must also partake in these activities as assistant interns.

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Anoteri Sholi Touristikis Ekpedefsis Kritis (ASTEK) belongs to the tertiary education level of the Greek Education System and operates under the Ministry of Tourism offering an academic program designed to prepare senior executives for the hospitality industry.
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